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domain name com icon Tk.2600 Tk.2850 Tk.2850
domain name com icon Tk.2100 Tk.2250 Tk.2250
domain name com icon Tk.2900 Tk.3000 Tk.3000
domain name com icon Tk.1350 Tk.1500 Tk.1500
domain name com icon Tk.750 Tk.2400 Tk.2250 Tk.2250
domain name com icon Tk.3700 Tk.4800 Tk.4900
domain name com icon Tk.350 Tk.1250 Tk.1250

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PHP Selector

PHP Selector is a CloudLinux component that sits on top of CageFS. It allows each user to select PHP version and module based on their needs. In order for the PHP Selector to work it requires an account to have CageFS enabled.

LiteSpeed Web Server

LiteSpeed Web Server is proprietary web server software. It is the 4th most popular web server, estimated to be used by 10% of websites as of July 2021. LSWS is developed by privately held LiteSpeed Technologies.

No Multi Tenancy

In the early days of the cloud, organizations were reluctant to adopt cloud strategies. Few organizations considered applying policies, technologies, and controls to protect data across the cloud.

cPanel Hosting Control

cPanel is a web hosting control panel software developed by cPanel, LLC. It provides a graphical interface and automation tools designed to simplify the process of hosting a web site to the website owner or the "end user". It enables administration through a standard web browser using a three-tier structure.

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